Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blood Angels

Just found the leaked blood angels codex. A)It's fake, B) I've read parts of the real thing. Freakin awesome, looks like a play style I could adjust to much easier, and I'm considering swapping over to it seeing as I don't have anything close to finishing yet, getting close, but don't quite have the cigar.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

WIP Update 4th March

As Promised here are some pics of my Current WIPs, starting with the AoBR captain. I need to do the hair, touch up the cloak a little, and apply a few more highlights, and do some work to the face.Post Options

A WIP Genestealer next to the Broodlord, my favourite Space Hulk Model. If you though the Broodlord wasn't all that big, think again.
The 2 WIP Genestealers, the one of the left needs certain parts to be redone, he was on my table and someone decided to practise undercoating, and well, he hit the wrong thing. Oh Well, Fixable. I need to highlight his carapace, actually do the caracpace for the one of the right. The one on the left also has bits of skin missing as I mistook his elbow for being carapace, until the release of the new nid codex, I hadn't realised that was flesh.
I have declared him finished, but I wanna redo the eyes and pipes/cords coming off the lightning claws, I also wanna redo some of the symbols and stuff
2 Other Space Hulk WIPs, I realise the heavy flamer is missing, it snapped off in the box sadly, now I gotta re-attach it somehow. The Librarian is coming along nicely, I might paint the hood the covers part of his head red to make the blood angel bit stand out a little more. No way in hell can I pull off the freehand symbol thats in the book though, I will find an alternate design.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Sadly, still no pictures to show you all.
Problem is, with no basing snow it is making it a little difficult, It's coming, I promise.

I have begun to work on my citadel wood again, and theres a space hulk genestealer on my desk sitting next to my dreadnought. Tommorrow night I will get some WIP shots of my current work, which includes a dreadnought, citadel wood, 2 space hulk genestealers, the space hulk librarian and a bastion.